Several visits will be organized during the 2019 Sygercam in order to introduce Cameroon to all the guests.
Among others,

  • Industrial tour of the autonomous port with the seaside resort of Kribi
  • Tourist visit of a village in the west
  • Visit of tourist sites in southern Cameroon

The Tourism and Leisure exhibition hall is divided into eight different sectors or areas. The following sub-sectors will be represented:

  • Housing: is one of the largest and one of the fastest growing sectors of the tourism industry;
  • Adventure and leisure tourism: possibility for a client to register if he requests an active or recreational experience.
    He goes on an adventure trip where he can learn about nature and / or culture.
  • Learning national languages: Cameroon has a very dense cultural and linguistic diversity. Almost 200 languages in all. The curious tourist can learn one of the languages of this country of their choice: Duálá, Ɓàsàa, Búlu. An experience that he can continue later via distance learning.
  • The Attraction: A place of interest for the quality of its natural presentation of cultural value, historical significance, natural or built beauty providing recreation, adventure, games and medical services for elderly travelers.
  • Catering: services to applicants in dedicated establishments, in transport and other business trips.

The Ministry of Tourism and the various economic operators in the sector are working day by day to achieve this objective. Thus it is planned The construction of many monuments such as "The Mother of Humanity" which could attract nearly 12 million tourists per year

For example, we are talking about more than 350 billion foreign investments in the tourism sector in 2016, which represents more than 9% of the overall investment in the sector. We are also talking about more than 140,000 direct jobs created in 2016 by the tourism sector, which represents a contribution of 2.7% to national employment. Obviously, several activities must be taken into account, including aviation, hotels, restaurants, travel agencies and even leisure activities which are beginning to take pride of place.

We can also mention the presence of tourist sites such as:

  • national parks (Waka, Bénoué, Boumba-Beck, etc.),
  • seaside resorts (Kribi, Limbe, etc.),
  • the falls (Ekom-Nkam, Lobé, Mami-wata ...),
  • The lakes (twin lakes ...),
  • Mount Cameroon which rises to 4095 meters above sea level

Investment opportunities in Cameroon. Many investment opportunities for a contribution to the development of the tourism sector lie in:

  • Construction of new road infrastructure for good movement of people
  •  The construction of monuments for the embellishment of cities and regions
  • Improvement of urban and national / international transport
  • Project to digitize ticketing and ticketing services of tourist agencies
  • Development and management of electronic services for rapid exchanges even remotely
  • Promotion of tourism through tourism training
  • Reinforcement of logistics to reach an international standard
  • Development of new parks and tourist sites
  • Extension of the hotel and catering sector to international standard
  • Improvement of health and hospital infrastructures for the rapid and safe treatment of tourists and locals.
  • The development of ecotourism through the construction of ecologists