Agricultural training

Training in Agriculture - Agro Business


Take advantage of good farming practices

Because the agricultural world is in constant evolution, our trainings aim to equip the local agricultural entrepreneurs so that they can improve the profitability of their agricultural productions. Participating in our training days is the opportunity to find answers to questions, meet other farmers with the same problems, take advantage of the advice of our experts and increase performance for free.


From traditional breeding to modern breeding

The Cameroonian herd remains insufficient to meet the demand of the Cameroonian population for animal protein, especially since it is increasingly sought by neighboring countries. Our training courses in the field of livestock allow on the one hand to give necessary knowledge to the novices of the trade and on the other hand to reinforce the production capacities of the professionals of the sector, with a point of honor on the health constraints.

Agro Business

Build capacity in agribusiness.

This training aims to bring local entrepreneurs to improve their business activities around agriculture and agro-food industries. This gives us a solid foundation in business management around the markets for processed and unprocessed agricultural products

Transformation of agricultural products

Training workshops on the processing of local agricultural products

Acquiring know-how to transform products that can be marketed promotes social and rural entrepreneurship. There is the need and sufficient agricultural production, and the vitality of Cameroon’s agricultural production, particularly varied, paves the way for the creation of many processing plants. Our courses are an anchor of open opportunities for both processing industries and intermediate operators in the transport, packaging or conservation segments.


Provide local producers with a good strategy

60% of agricultural production losses in sub-Saharan Africa are post-production losses, that is, losses due to the producer’s inability to sell his goods. The aim of our training is to enable farmers to align their agricultural production with market demand and choose the best distribution channels.


rom traditional beekeeping to modern beekeeping

Beekeeping training helps to streamline practice, improve product quality, and bring small producers into the economy. It allows to answer the problems on individual needs or organized groups, practicing or simple curious people who want to acquire a practical or complementary apicultural competence.