Cameroon has been trying for many years to attract investors to its country. This is good because economic emulation is boosted every time there are new players. Mayors and village chiefs, who are all guarantors of the aspirations of the respective local populations, have a strong role to play in improving the business climate. It is therefore right that the association BANTU DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE works for decentralized cooperation partnerships between Cameroon and Germany, which associate two villages or municipalities, which establish friendly relations based on an official link (a twinning charter, a partnership agreement…).

The objectives are

The aim of twinning cooperation is to bring experts from Germany closer together with Cameroonian mayors and traditional leaders in order to make cooperation between Cameroon and Germany a little more noticeable. Two local authorities are joining forces to act in a European perspective, confront their problems and develop bonds of friendship between them. Twinning offers an invaluable pool of experiences and initiatives to develop and promotes cooperation and friendship between the populations of both countries.

This type of partnership is essential for the dynamism of relations between Cameroon and Germany and we offer different types of exchanges whether linguistic, academic, cultural, economic, economic, environmental, professional…

At the SYGERCAM 2020

Cooperation will contribute to a better mutual understanding between the two partner countries, through mayors and village leaders. In Cameroon as in Germany, the Association BANTU DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE leads the twinning movement in each country and supports local authorities in their respective commitments