In this space the opportunity will be given to the general public and young people in particular to discover the health industry, the manufacturers and opportunities in particular through :

  • Pharmaceutical, Health Industries
  • Health insurance
  • Health infrastructures
  • Medical equipments
  • The various programs to fight against certain diseases such as malaria.


Health Opportunities

Cameroon, the driving force of Central Africa with a population of about 21.143 million inhabitants, a population growth rate of 2.6%, an area of ​​475,650 km² and a nominal GDP estimated at 14,607 billion CFA francs in 2014, represents a huge potential for any investment that wants to be profitable in all sectors of activity in general and in the health sector in particular, particularly in terms of health infrastructure renewal on the one hand, training of the health staff in modern techniques as well as the supply of advanced equipment for the improvement of the technical platform and the quality of care on the other hand.

According to the WHO, the German cooperation intervenes through the GTZ and the KFW in the process of setting up SWAp health, the fight against HIV / AIDS and other interventions. GTZ supports the extension of regional health promotion funds in 7 regions, as part of an institutional support. KFW finances health infrastructures and medical equipments, as part of the rehabilitation of four regional hospitals, and supports the Primary Health Care Improvement Program and the Reproductive Health Program in the North-western, South-western and Littoral regions. German cooperation is also involved in the development of the essential drugs program, the sharing of health risk, the quality of cares and services, the contractual approach to health system development in the same regions.

Despite this good cooperation with Germany there are many shortcomings that open the doors to several investment opportunities such as:

Modern health equipment such as imaging devices CT, MRT, Dialysis, Ecography, EKG or in the creation of assembly or development factories of these devices.

Essential equipment such as beds, sterilization equipments, surgical equipments and more …

  • Establishment of modern health centers.
  • Both Creation of specialized institutions and training in fields such as neurosurgery, cardiology etc., or by collaboration between the various universities specialized in the medical field.
  • Pharmaceutical industries.
  • The financing of local Start-Ups which offer solutions for the improvement of the health system such as the Cardiopad of the young “Arthur Zang”.