In this space the opportunity will be given to the general public and young people in particular to discover the Digital IT industry, manufacturers and especially opportunities through :

  • Virtualization tools
  • Management System or Automation
  • Operating Systems and Applications (Software)
  • Devices, peripherals and user software, such as laptops, smartphones and even recording devices
  • Storage of data.
  • Data base
  • Real-time order entry
  • Messaging Servers
  • Web servers
  • Information system

Over the last twelve years, the mobile penetration rate (41%) remains much lower than in Cameroon compared to other countries in the sub-region, or even in Africa, as well as the number of operators. In order to improve the performance of its communication network, Cameroon has launched a project to set up a 3200-kilometer fiber optic backbone.

The development and modernization of these different infrastructures presents multiple opportunities both in expanding networks: mobile telephony, audio-visual, audio, broadband internet, and advanced digital materials sales services, their installation, maintenance, and repair, technical assistance, training and capacity enhancement of professionals in the sector.