Cameroon is a vast project. This statement is all the more true since many projects are being carried out or are in the process of being carried out, with the organisation of the African Cup of Nations in 2021 as a bonus. Organizing such a competition generates beneficial and direct infrastructure benefits for the country insofar as it will be necessary to reassure roads, energy, hotels, hospitals and housing.

In terms of health, the construction and renewal of infrastructure represents an opportunity in the same way as staff training, the supply of state-of-the-art equipment, the technical platform and logistics. In the field of energy, a vast development programme for the sector is under way, particularly in the field of electricity. For example, the country has a strong solar energy potential that offers investment opportunities in several areas such as biomass power plant, solar power plant, wind power, gas exploitation, electricity production and distribution, hydropower and various infrastructure.

Infrastructure is indeed a particularly attractive investment: building good infrastructure and improving access to clean energy creates a virtuous circle that fosters increased consumption and a broader market for the private sector to prosper. In the same vein, the field of information and communication technologies and, more generally, the digital economy, represent a strong investment potential.

The development and modernisation of infrastructure in this promising sector presents many opportunities both in terms of the expansion of mobile telephone networks, audiovisual, audio and broadband Internet provision, as well as in services for the sale of advanced digital equipment, their installation, maintenance and repair, technical assistance, training and capacity building for professionals in the sector

In its action plan, the Bantu Development Initiative association works with a range of private and government partners such as the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, the Ministry of Industry and Mines and the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises to address investors’ concerns. The aim is precisely to facilitate the implementation of partnerships between institutions, Cameroonian project leaders, German companies and investors. In this perspective, the association seeks to strengthen the investment environment in the country, and raise awareness of infrastructure investment opportunities.

SYGERCAM 2019 will be an ideal opportunity to bring together international experts and investors from the public and private sectors, as well as young entrepreneurs, startup creators and project leaders..