• Objectives and Goals
  • Organization and methods
  • Operational process
  • Composition of the jury
  • Calendar

Objectives and goals


  • Give young project leaders the opportunity to benefit from support and other conditions favorable to the implementation of said projects;
  •  Promote projects with high impact and likely to transform society;
  • Supervise the best projects by experts in fields such as Marketing, communication, management, the realization of a Business Plan and the search for funding;
  • Support projects until maturity.


  • Activity of BDI (Bantu Development Initiative) allowing the selection of two best innovation projects and two best development projects;
  • Provide solutions to these projects in order to bring them to maturity.

Organization and methods

  • Eligibility : Young Cameroonian girls and boys or residing in Cameroon from 15 to 30 years old
  • Conditions:
    • Perimeter : Cameroon with or without the possibility of international duplication
    • Support : 3 to 4 pages following a project format with financial evaluation and information on the promoter
  • Accessibility:
    • Available channels : web, mail; social network pages (Facebook, Twitter; Instagram; WhatsApp)…
  • Price reminder:
    • Innovation : 1st and 2nd position
    • Development : 1st and 2nd position
  • Jury:
    • Internal jury for the preselection (SYGERCAM Organization, Associate Experts and Prize Sponsor)
    • Grand Jury for the final selection (International experts, key stakeholders and Sponsors)
  • Selection method:
    • Preselection : Analysis of files according to an established evaluation sheet and a rating of the criteria
    • Selection : Analysis of the project according to the specific criteria of the presentation in GD meeting
  • Shortlisted candidates :
    • Innovation : 10 candidates
    • Development : 10 candidates
  • Financial reward (2,000,000 XAF):  

           * The 1st prizes: 500,000 XAF per person

           * The 2nd prizes: 250,000 XAF per person

Operational process

  • Application phase:
    • Communication on the "Bantu Entrepreneuship Award" competition through digital channels and social networks will take place between 01.11. and 30.11.2022;
    • Candidates apply by email, social media and website. Candidates send the description of their project accompanied by a business plan;
    • The last date for receipt of applications is November 30, 2022.
  • Preselection phase
    • Documentary assessment of project supports by the Internal Jury
    • Number of shortlisted candidates: 20
    • No later than 7 days from SYGERCAM
  • Selection phase and reward
    • The 20 selected candidates present their respective project for 15 min, ie 10 min of presentation and 5 minutes of questions / answers. This will take place from December 14 to 15, 2022
    • During the Closing Ceremony (Charity Diner), the Grand Jury will announce the winners of the Bantu Entrepeneurship Award. The 4 best projects (innovation and development) will be awarded.
    • The two best projects will still be able to briefly present their project during the closing ceremony.
    • The winners will benefit from a trophy, a financial envelope and support in the search for financing, realization of the business plan, Marketing and communication.


  • Composition of the internal Jury – Preselection:
    1. Member CTO SYGERCAM – Cameroon
    2. Economic Officer of the German Embassy
    3. Employer representative
    4. Representative of MINPMEESA/MINJEC
    5. Media Representative
    6. Representative of a financial institution
    7. Representative of the sponsor or partner
  • Composition – Grand Jury:
    1. GIZ representative
    2. EU Delegation Representative
    3. Representative of MINPMEESA/MINJEC
    4. Employer representative
    5. Consulting in Project Management & Entrepreneurship
    6. CTO SYGERCAM- Cameroon
    7. Representative of the sponsor or partner


  • 31/10/2022 : Finalization of the competition rules and organization
  • 01/11/2022 to 30/11/2022: Communication on the competition and receipt of candidates' files
  • 30/11/2022 to 06/12/2022: Preselection of 20 Candidates
  • 14/12/2022 to 16/12/2022: Presentation to the Grand Jury Proclamation of the winners during the SYGERCAM closing ceremony
  • 01/2023 – 12/2023: Support for laureates and project implementation

Participate by sending your project to: